A pretty busy week

This report is dedicated to Georgios, Shivam and Emil, who always have to patiently listen to our lousy English.

The first team competed this time against SC Bad Nauheim 1 and achieved a respectable 4:4. MiP I is with 4 points only one point behind the championship leader SC Fulda 1! Björn, Bergit and Andreas scored full points, Karsten S. and Lukas made a draw.

Strange things happened. So a MiPler still had almost 3 minutes for 2 moves to the time control. He immersed himself in the position, he immersed himself … and lost because of timeout!

„Time is what you read from the clock“ (Albert Einstein)

MiP II played against Fechenheim 1 in a cozy environment in the Fischerstube, see picture. Jörg diagnosed typical party cellar interior of the 70s. It was 3:2 for Fechenheim and Shivam struggled in a game of over 6 hours, but the position actually only gave a draw.

MiP III played against Bad Homburg 8 and made a 2:2 through victories by Lorenz and Felix. The Seniors, thanklessly, both had to play with black.

Funny on the side: A MiPler gave up in a probably lost position with 2 minus pawns, because he also assumed the loss of a rook.

Drum prüfe wer sich vergeblich schindet ob sich nicht noch ein Türmchen findet.

Jörg, Herbert, Geralf, Shivam, Felix and Theo joined the rapid chess championship of the district. Jörg took a very good 7th place with 5 out of 7! Herbert narrowly missed the senior championship with 4.5; 5 would have been necessary. Felix earned a respectable 4/7 points in his first tournament. All results see:


Because of the holiday, only 7 players took part in our monthly Blitz tournament this time. But it was high, as very strong guests introduced themselves. Niklas shot down the bird with 6 out of 6.